Rubyists weekly tweets – The Weekly Rail

This is my first attempt at curating tweets from rubyists.  This is beta.  See links for tweets from all weeks below.  If you like this you can also see similar archives for software testers and developers.

The Weekly Rail

The Weekly Rail

I have added a google translate button since there are many tweets in Japanese. Interesting to see that the twitter 140 char limit may not mean much in Japanese – seems like they can say much more in tweets.  Also interesting to see that Japanese people are not as innocent and well-behaved as one might think.

I am always interested in feedback and any defects.  Defects could be:

  • Incorrectly categorizing someone as a developer, other
  • Also interested in tweets I might have missed or incorrectly rated

Let me know if you want to help with the design.

Let me know if you have a community for which you’d like to create such an archive.

If you are not familiar with twitter, twitter is a good source for current thinking and events in software testing.  Of course, my list is not a substitute for twitter, especially the many conversations.

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