India’s 2014 Budget Visualization

This is my visualization of India’s 2014 Budget Expenditures by ministry. If you dare, here is the original.  You can also compare with Singapore’s budget or India’s 2013 budget.  If you compare with Singapore, you can see that the number of ministries in India are much more.  Not sure if that can only be explained by the difference in size of India and Singapore.

India’s budget categories are broken down into Revenue and Capital.  I think this is equivalent to Singapore’s Operational and Development (not sure if they are exactly the same).  India’s budget is further broken down into plan and non-plan.

My target for this post is to convert the original data to make it consumable (feel free to download my data)


India's 2014 Budget Expenditure

India’s 2014 Budget Expenditure


If you need to understand ‘crore’, here is an online converter.

How I converted the data

  1. I started with the original excel
  2. Created another file with the heirarchy
    • First column indicates it is a parent (not a node)
    • Removed totals (these are redundant)
    • This also included cleanup
      • Change ‘…’ to 0.0
      • Removed merged cells
  3. Exported to .csv
  4. Used a script to convert .csv. to .json

Here is the final .json file

Feel free to let me know if you want to create similar files from this data or have any other projects in mind.