India 2015 budget treemap using Google charts

How do you make sense of India’s 2015 budget?  Here is how to use Google charts to create treemaps to visualize India’s 2015 budget expenditures.

Here is the web page which contains information on budget expenditures – take a look if you dare.   That page contains a pdf file with the list of expenditures.  I copied the items to a excel file.  In order to create a treemap using Google charts, you need to modify the data. Here is the file I uploaded to Google charts.  My previous post on treemaps contains a link on how to create treemaps using Google charts.

India's 2015 budget treemap

India’s 2015 budget treemap

I haven’t done an analysis of the budget (feel free to let me know if you would like to volunteer).  I wanted to show how to create data which is a bit more intelligent and can be easily consumed for visualization.  The data for Google charts can be easily modified to create a heirarchical data file in other formats.  Let me know if you would like to volunteer to convince the Indian government or their data portal to create data in this format.