Improved visualization of conference tweets

In my last post I mentioned that the chord diagram wasn’t as useful as the matrix diagram to view the entire set of twitter interactions in a conference.  I made a few changes to the diagrams since then.

I removed the tweeters with 1 or 2 tweets (this may not be a good idea – more on that in a future post).  I also used different shades of the same color for the chords (darker colors indicate more tweets).  With these changes, the difference in the two conferences is much more visible.


I also made some modifications to the matrix diagram.  I was again trying to find a way to easily compare two conferences.  See the images below.  You may be able to view the visualizations side-by-side in browser windows.


I’ll be posting some more data on these two conferences in a future post.  Let me know if you think the visualization helps to compare the interactions in the two conferences.

Remember to click on the images to see the actual visualizations.